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  2. [Amazon] 차량용 폰 홀더 Car Phone Mount $3

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  3. [Abercrombie] ALL CLEARANCE 70% OFF ~ 가디건 $14, 티셔츠 $10 등등~

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  4. [amazon] Nexcare 여드름 뾰루지 패치 Acne Cover 36개입 $4.78

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  5. [Amazon] LED Under Cabinet Lighting Kit $9.99

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  6. [Amazon] Fishing Hat $7.49

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  7. [Amazon] Don Francisco's Canned Coffee, Hawaiian Hazelnut Flavored, 12-Ounce (3-Count) $11.22

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  8. [Amazon] 하이샤파 기차모양 연필깍기 $27.74

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  9. [Amazon] phone belt wallet $1.50

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  10. [Amazon] BIC Xtra-Precision Mechanical Pencil, Metallic Barrel, Fine Point (0.5mm), 24-Count $3.15

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  11. [Amazon] 모션 센서 태양열 LED 라잇 2개 세트 $12.99

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  12. [Amazon] 2 Pack Medium and Large Utility Tote Bag Combo $9.99

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  13. [Amazon] 3 Sprouts Storage Bin, Fox $13.29 (프라임딜)

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  14. [Amazon] 유아용 스텐레스 컵, 빨대 세트 2팩 $12.59

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  15. [Bloomingdales] 버버리 세일 추가 25% ~ / 토리버치, 롱샴등 핸드백 세일 추가 25% 프리쉽/ Raymond Weil, Michelle, Movado... 고급진 시계 몇 가지 추가 25%

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  16. [Amazon] Downy Unstopables in-Wash Scent Booster Beads with Tide Original Scent, 20.1 oz $8.44

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  17. [Amazon] Glad ordershield trash bags 13갤런 110장 $12.08

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  18. [Amazon] adidas Men's Athletics Essential Cotton Shorts (Large, Black) $8.26 (add-on)

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  19. [Amazon] VAVA 1.7L 전기 주전자 $9.99

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  20. [Amazon] BIC Brite Liner Grip Highlighter (Chisel Tip, Yellow) 12 count $3.35

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  21. [Amazon] Women’s Packable Beach Sun Hat $7.88

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  22. [Amazon] 책상용 미니 선풍기 $4.20

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  23. [Amazon] SMART SHEEP 프리미엄 울드라이어볼 $10.85

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  24. [Amazon] 벌레 잡는 Terro Insect Trap 4개 $3.47

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  25. [Amazon] 인스탁스 미니 9 카메라 번들 $69.99

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  26. [Amazon] 3 SPROUTS 엘리펀트 플레이매트 백 $12.29

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  27. [Amazon] 50피트 정원 호스 $13.49

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  28. [AMazon] T-fal Specialty 논스틱 점보 웍 14인치 $22.51 (프라임딜)

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  29. [Amazon] Real Techniques 메이크업브러쉬 4피스 $10.79

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  30. [Amazon] 귀여운 200ml 에센셜오일 디퓨저 $7.99

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  31. [Amazon] Oral-B Pro-Health Stages Avengers Assemble Toothbrushes (Soft) 5-7 Years, Twin Pack $2.69

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