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  2. [Amazon] T-Fal 티팔 4.75" Specialty 논스틱 에그프라이팬 $3.77 (add-on)

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  3. [Amazon] 포인트로 예쁜 retro style 빨강 벽시계 $7.50

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  4. [Amazon] Urban Shop Z-Shaped 콤팩트 학생책상 $21.56 낙타최저가

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  5. [Amazon] 40파운드 아령 세트 $25.97 + 프리쉬핑

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  6. [Amazon] Alxum 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub $3.50

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  7. [Amazon] 보조 베터리 Quick Charge 3.0 RAVPower 12000 Portable Charger $17.99

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  8. [Amazon] Balight Air Purifier Hepa Desktop Allergies Eliminator $47.99

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  9. [Amazon] 코끼리패턴 아이 면티셔츠 반바지 2피쓰 세트 $5.70

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  10. [Amazon] 김치사발면 4개에 $2.08 (add-on)

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  11. [Amazon] 34x82 인치 문에 설치하는 자석 스크린 도어 $4.24

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  12. [Amazon] Hanes Men's Graphic Vintage Cali Collection T-Shirt $4.50

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  13. [Amazon] 간편하게 사용하는 손 청소기 $19.99

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  14. [Amazon] 10-Piece Set Stackable Bowl Set $15.87

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  15. [Amazon] 50ft 가든 호스, Expandable Water Hose $16.34

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  16. [Amazon] 실내 운동 중 막강이라는 노젖기 운동기구, Magnetic Exercise Rower $499.00 + 프리쉬핑

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  17. [Amazon] 100% 면 베딩제품들 오늘 하루 세일~

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  18. [Amazon] PUR 18컵 디스펜서형 정수기 + 필터 번들 $24.18

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  19. [Amazon] V8 쥬스 30% 할인 쿠폰~

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  20. [Amazon] 17온즈 보온 보냉 물병 $4.99

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  21. [Amazon] Swiffer Sweeper Dry Sweeping Pad 리필, Unscented, 52개입 $9.37

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  22. [Amazon] Thermos Funtainer 10 Ounce Food Jar, Batman $10.88

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  23. [Amazon] 아이들용 벙크 배드 프레임 $220.00 + 프리쉬핑

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  24. [Amazon] 화장실 화장지 스탠드 $5.26

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  25. [Amazon] 26800mAh Battery Pack with Dual Input Port, 넉넉한 파워뱅크 $46.99 + Free Shipping

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  26. [Amazon] Nestle Coffee-Mate Sugar Free French Vanilla 50-Count Singles Pack $4.48

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  27. [Amazon] 먼지 청소하기 좋은 Swiffer 360 Dusters Refills 11개 $8.19

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  28. [Amazon] 아마존베이직 휴대용 러기지 저울 $6.49

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  29. [Amazon] Build and Paint a Birdhouse, 직접 색칠하는 새집 $10.39

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  30. [Amazon] Double Laundry Hamper, 세탁 바구니 $6.99

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  31. [Amazon] 리뷰좋은 HaloVa 기저귀 가방 $26.99 (오늘 하루)

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